Where to Get Free Boxes for Moving? What Are the Best Places?

Moving can be expensive, so it’s always a good idea to save money where you can. One of the easiest ways to do this is to get free moving boxes. While purchasing boxes may seem like the go-to option, there are plenty of places to find free boxes for your move.

Whether you’re looking for standard moving boxes or specialised containers for fragile items, this blog post will guide you to the best sources for obtaining free boxes, helping you save money and ensure a smooth transition to your new home. Keep reading!

Major Supermarket Chains

One of the best places to look for these boxes is at major supermarket chains. Stores like ASDA, Lidl, Iceland, Co-op, and others can be your go-to destinations. These supermarkets often receive daily deliveries and sell items in bulk, making them a prime source for free moving boxes.

ASDA, for instance, is a great option for obtaining cheap cardboard boxes. The perfect time to visit is either early morning or late evening when the shelves are being restocked. You can grab boxes that would otherwise be discarded by being there at the right time.

Tesco is another supermarket worth considering, but you’ll need to visit between 6 and 7 o’clock in the morning before they recycle the empty boxes. Remember, the availability of boxes may vary depending on each company’s policy.

When searching for boxes at these supermarkets, focus on specific types more suitable for moving. Fruit and alcohol boxes are excellent choices. These boxes are designed to carry heavier and fragile items, making them perfect for safely transporting your belongings during a move.

Remember to inspect the boxes for tears or any signs of bugs before taking them. Additionally, consider looking for cleaning detergent boxes. These boxes are typically sturdy and capable of withstanding the weight of heavy items.


  1. Major supermarket chains like ASDA and Tesco offer a convenient and accessible source of free moving boxes.
  2. Fruit and alcohol boxes are specifically designed to handle fragile items, ensuring the safety of your belongings during the move.
  3. Cleaning detergent boxes are durable and sturdy, making them suitable for moving heavy items.


  1. The availability of free house removal boxes may vary depending on individual supermarket policies, so it’s essential to be flexible and visit at the right times.
  2. Free boxes from supermarkets may have limited sizes and quantities, potentially requiring you to search for additional sources.
  3. Inspecting the boxes for tears or bugs adds an extra step to acquiring free moving boxes.

Friends and Family

When finding free cardboard boxes for moving, sometimes the best resources are right within our own personal networks. If you know a person who is just moved, they may have a stash of boxes they no longer need. Don’t pause to reach out and ask if you can have them.

Friends and family who have recently gone through a move are often eager to declutter and get rid of excess boxes. By inquiring about their available boxes, you can save money while providing a convenient way to clear space in their new home.

When approaching friends and family for free moving boxes, asking politely and expressing gratitude for their willingness to help is important. Offer to pick up the boxes or arrange a convenient time for the collection to make the process as easy as possible for both parties.

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  1. Friends and family who have recently moved can be a valuable source of free moving boxes.
  2. By asking for boxes, you contribute to their decluttering efforts and help them create more space in their new home.
  3. The boxes obtained from friends and family are likely in good condition, as they have been used for a single move.


  1. The availability of free moving boxes depends on whether you know someone who has recently moved.
  2. The number of boxes you can acquire from friends and family may vary based on their specific circumstances.
  3. Collecting the boxes may require some logistical coordination depending on the location and proximity of your friends and family.

Discount Stores

Discount stores can be another fruitful hunting ground for free moving boxes. Poundland and similar discount shops are worth checking out as they receive daily deliveries and sell items in bulk, just like major supermarket chains.

Visiting your local pound store is a great idea when searching for cardboard boxes. You must take the first step by asking about any free boxes they may have available.

Even if there aren’t any, you can ask the store staff about the timing of their next delivery. Knowing when the next shipment is expected allows you to plan your visit accordingly and increase your chances of finding free moving boxes.


  1. Discount stores like Poundland offer a cost-effective solution for obtaining free moving boxes.
  2. These stores receive daily deliveries, increasing the likelihood of finding boxes regularly.
  3. By asking about the timing of the next delivery, you can plan your visit strategically and maximise your chances of getting free boxes.


  1. The availability of free moving boxes at discount stores may vary, and there’s no guarantee that they will always have boxes to offer.
  2. Discount stores may have limited box sizes and quantities, which could necessitate searching for additional sources.
  3. Depending on the specific store, the staff may not always be able to provide information about the next delivery, leading to uncertainty in timing your visit.

DIY and Department Stores

If you’re someone who enjoys DIY projects, you know that materials often come in a variety of box sizes. While it may not guarantee an abundance of free containers, it’s still worth considering DIY and department stores as potential sources for free moving boxes.

When visiting these stores, directly approach the employees and tell them that you’re looking for spare boxes they may have available. While the number of free boxes may vary, it’s worth asking.

One store that stands out in this regard is Wickes. They schedule deliveries in the afternoon on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, increasing the likelihood of encountering a stack of free cardboard boxes.

By approaching DIY and department store employees, you not only have a chance to acquire free moving boxes, but you may also gain access to boxes of various sizes that can accommodate your specific needs.


  1. DIY and department stores can offer various box sizes catering to your moving requirements.
  2. Inquiring about spare boxes allows you to obtain free moving containers, saving you money.
  3. With scheduled deliveries, stores like Wickes present a higher likelihood of encountering a stack of free cardboard boxes.


  1. The availability of free boxes at DIY and department stores may vary, depending on their current stock and policies.
  2. The number of free boxes you can obtain from these stores might be limited, requiring you to explore additional sources.
  3. Not all DIY and department store employees can provide spare boxes, as it depends on individual store practices.

Grocery stores and off-licence shops

Don’t overlook the potential goldmine within local grocery stores and off-licence shops when searching for free moving boxes. These smaller establishments can be excellent sources for obtaining boxes without spending a penny.

Grocery stores and off-licence shops often receive regular deliveries, including liquor boxes that are typically sturdy and reliable for moving purposes. Store owners are usually happy to part with a few of these boxes, as they have limited space and prefer not to stack unnecessary cardboard boxes.

Make it a point to visit your nearby grocery stores and off-licence shops, and kindly inquire about any available free boxes. Store owners or staff members will likely be glad to assist you in obtaining these boxes, as it helps them clear out excess clutter and create more space within their premises.


  1. Local grocery stores and off-licence shops offer a convenient and accessible option for acquiring free moving boxes.
  2. Liquor boxes obtained from these establishments are often sturdy and suitable for safely transporting your belongings.
  3. Store owners and staff members are usually willing to provide free boxes, which helps them manage their limited storage space.


  1. The availability of free small packing boxes may vary depending on the individual store’s current inventory and space limitations.
  2. Since these stores are smaller, they may not offer many boxes, requiring you to search for additional sources.
  3. It’s essential to respectfully approach store owners or staff members when requesting free boxes, as they are not obligated to provide them.

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Recycling Centres

If your search for free moving boxes has been fruitless so far, don’t despair! There’s a place where unneeded items find their final resting place: recycling centres; this is the perfect answer to knowing where to get moving boxes. These centres can be a surprising source of free moving boxes, provided you know where to look.

Start by identifying the nearest recycling centre that accepts corrugated cardboard boxes. These centres are often repositories for various discarded items, including boxes that have served their initial purpose. You can find a treasure trove of free moving boxes waiting to be repurposed by visiting these centres.

However, exercise caution when collecting boxes from recycling centres. Before taking them, carefully inspect the boxes for any signs of bugs or other unwanted life forms. It’s essential to ensure that the boxes you acquire are clean and pest-free to prevent any unwanted surprises during your move.


  1. Recycling centres offer a unique and often overlooked source of free moving boxes.
  2. These centres are a repository for discarded items, including corrugated cardboard boxes that can be repurposed for moving.
  3. Finding boxes at recycling centres promotes sustainability by giving new life to materials that would otherwise go to waste.


  1. The availability of free moving boxes at recycling centres may vary, depending on the items being discarded at any given time.
  2. It’s crucial to carefully inspect the boxes for bugs or other unwanted life forms to ensure cleanliness and prevent potential issues during your move.
  3. Recycling centres may require additional effort and travel to locate, as their availability and proximity vary based on your location.

Online Places to Get Free Boxes for Moving

Many times, you just don’t want to find out about the home base moving boxes. Instead, you’re wondering, where can I get boxes for moving online? If this is the case, here are some of my personal recommendations.


Gumtree is a fantastic online platform that serves as a gem trove for various free items, including second-hand boxes for moving. You can easily narrow down your search by setting filters specific to your area.

In addition to finding free boxes, Gumtree also offers options to buy and sell items if that suits your preferences. It can be a perfect option if you are looking for packing boxes near me.

Once you’ve found the boxes you need, it’s crucial to inspect them thoroughly before taking them. Look out for any signs of insects, wet spots, or tears to ensure the boxes are in good condition for your move.


  1. Gumtree offers a wide range of free items, including second-hand moving boxes.
  2. Setting filters specific to your area helps you find boxes nearby.
  3. You can also buy and sell items on Gumtree, providing additional options for acquiring moving boxes.


  1. The condition and quality of the boxes may vary, so a thorough inspection is necessary.
  2. There might be limited availability of free boxes in your area.
  3. It may take time and effort to browse listings and connect with sellers.


Freegle is an online platform where individuals can give away items they no longer need. It has gained popularity across the UK, with people using the website to offer various items, from cutlery to old furniture.

Fortunately, used moving boxes also make their way onto Freegle. Take advantage of this resource and browse through the listings to find free moving boxes in your area.


  1. Freegle allows individuals to give away items they no longer need, including moving boxes.
  2. It is a popular platform across the UK, increasing the chances of finding free boxes in your area.
  3. You can find various items on Freegle, giving you options for acquiring moving storage boxes.


  1. Free moving boxes on Freegle’s availability depends on your specific area’s offerings.
  2. The quality and condition of the boxes may vary, requiring careful evaluation.
  3. It may be necessary to coordinate with the giver for pickup or delivery.


Freecycle is another platform that offers a diverse range of free items, including moving boxes. Setting realistic expectations when using Freecycle is important since free items may not always be of the highest quality.

Keep in mind that the condition of the cardboard boxes you find might not meet your expectations, so exercise caution and evaluate their suitability for your moving needs.


  1. Freecycle offers a wide variety of free items, including moving boxes.
  2. It is a platform where individuals give away items they no longer need, providing opportunities for acquiring free boxes.
  3. Freecycle can be accessed across different locations, expanding your potential options.


  1. The quality of the free-moving boxes on Freecycle may be lower than other sources.
  2. There might be limitations regarding the quantity and size of available boxes.
  3. It is important to manage expectations and be prepared for potential issues with the condition of the boxes.

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Social Media Community Groups

Social media community groups can be used to find free cardboard boxes for moving. I suggest you search your needs on Reddit and Nextdoor, even though there are many other groups as well.

Reddit features community forums where people share information, seek assistance and give away items. Look for specific subreddits related to your location or moving to find potential leads on free moving boxes.

Nextdoor is a neighbourhood-based social networking platform that connects residents in the same area. Explore Nextdoor groups in your locality to inquire about free moving boxes or seek recommendations from your neighbours.


  1. Social media community groups provide access to a wide network of individuals who may offer free moving boxes.
  2. You can find specific subreddits or groups dedicated to your location or moving, increasing the chances of finding relevant listings.
  3. These platforms allow for direct communication and potential recommendations from neighbours or community members.


  1. The availability of free boxes on social media platforms depends on the activity and offerings in your local community.
  2. It may require some time and effort to browse through posts and connect with individuals.
  3. There might be limitations regarding the quantity and quality of the available boxes.