House Removals in Colliers Wood

Moving to a new place with all of your stuff is as stressful and exhausting as it is exciting. Changing your address requires a lot of formalities like registering your new address at your insurance company, bank, and office. You need to check all the boxes on a very long checklist before even shifting to your new home or office.

Among all these tasks, packing and moving all of your belongings and stuff can take a toll on you, especially when it comes to furniture because it requires dismantling before transportation and reassembling after.

Hiring a removal company in Colliers Wood will be a wise choice because it is experienced and lets professional staff take care of the biggest task, which is packing all of your stuff and transporting it to your new location while you can take care of other to-dos on your list.

Removals and Storage Accord offer the best home removals in Colliers Wood. We have highly experienced and efficient staff who will not only save you time with their agility but also a lot of effort by taking the biggest task off your hands.


    Put Your Mind at Ease with Our Removals Service

    Agility and Efficiency

    Professional removal service employs highly experienced and skilled staff. They follow a designed flowchart to complete the job swiftly. Moreover, handling heavy and delicate stuff requires a professional hand to prevent any risk of damage. Professional movers will pack and place the stuff in the moving vehicle in an efficient pattern which minimises any risk of damage.

    House Removals in Colliers Wood

    Insured Removals

    No matter how much care and professionalism you show, there is always a risk of unforeseen damage occurrence because professional movers are only humans after all. Removals and Storage Accord provides fully insured removals and will compensate for any damage that occurs during the removal.

    Keeps You Easy

    Hiring a moving company means you want them to take care of all the heavy packing, lifting and loading. This will not only reduce your mental and physical fatigue but also provide you enough time to easily focus on other tasks on your moving checklist.

    What We Offer

    House and Office Removals

    Removals and Storage Accord provides complete office and home removal services in Colliers Wood. Our staff can also dismantle your furniture and reassemble it after transporting it to your new location.

    Man and Van

    Sometimes people have to move some stuff, but it is heavy and cannot fit in the boot. We provide man and van service just for such occasions. You can contact us and we will send our professional with a van who will take your stuff to its destination.

    Storage Services

    If you are moving to a smaller home, or you have started a major renovation at your home or office and you want to keep your stuff safe and clean, our storage facility is just what you need. We will send our professional staff to your location who will pack and transport your belongings to our secure storage facility where they will remain protected until you need them again.

    National and International Removals

    Moving long distances or across the border can become very tricky, especially when you don’t want to leave your stuff behind. However, moving with Removals and Storage Accord will leave you stress-free because we provide our removal services not only in the UK but to any destination across the continent.

    House Removal Costs in Colliers Wood

    The cost of house removals in Colliers Wood can be different for every case, varying with respect to some parameters such as:

    • Size of your house or office
    • Accessibility of your location
    • Distance between the old and new location
    • Any other services (if required)

    Nevertheless, the following details will give you a general idea of house removal costs in Colliers Wood:

    House Removals in Colliers Wood
    Number of Bedrooms Local Moving Cost
    Long Distance Moving Cost
    1 450-650 500-850
    2 550-800 650-900
    3 700-1000 900-1200
    4 950-1400 1200-1500
    5 1350-2000 1500-3000

    Why Choose Us?

    • Providing quality and affordable house removals in Colliers Wood.
    • Fully licenced and insured removal service.
    • Providing secure and insured storage facilities to our customers.
    • Providing services all across the UK and Europe.