How Soon Should I Book a Removal Company?

Suppose you have found your dream home and are anxiously waiting to move in. With so much on your plate, you need a removal company to transport your boxes and belongings to your new property safely. But the real question is what is the ideal and right time to book a house removal company.

After reading the article, you will know what information is required and the best time to book this service.

But before we get to this part, remember never to hire a removal company until the contracts have been exchanged between you and the seller.

What Happens if You Booked Too Soon?

If you book a removal company too soon and the other party changes their mind, you’ll lose your deposit and suffer a cancellation fee.

To prevent this, call several companies to get a rough quote and ask when they are available. Otherwise, you can book accordingly if you have exchanged contracts with your estate agent.

When Do I Book a House Removal Company?

Before choosing a day/date, remember that most homeowners move either on Fridays or at the end of the month. Therefore, the majority of the companies are booked up in advance. But before letting this sway you, call several companies, and ask them for tentative dates so you may decide accordingly.

Generally, booking a reliable and trustworthy company 4-6 weeks before the completion day is ideal. While this may be difficult, it gives the removal company enough time to create an organised plan, keeping your requirements and needs in mind.

Booking earlier provides several rewarding benefits, such as:

  • You can compare quotes
  • Let several companies arrange an onsite survey
  • Considering additional services
  • Reviewing companies and their charges
  • Making a firm decision

What Details Should I Provide to Removal Companies

What Details Should I Provide to Removal Companies?

When asking for a rough estimation, you must provide complete information and your requirements; to ensure the company won’t charge you for additional services on a moving day.

The details and information you have to provide include the following:

  • Your location
  • What are the routes like – are there any busy or narrow roads? Is there any limit for the height and width of the vans, or if parking is allowed?
  • How many rooms do you have?
  • The size and type of property, such as flat, terraced, townhouse or bungalow.
  • The type of service you want, e.g., some homeowners require moving companies solely for moving, while others hire them for packing and moving.
  • Do you own any special or antique items that must be handled and transported with utmost care?
  • Do you require them to assemble and dismantle your furniture?
  • A rough estimate of the number of boxes you accumulate.

Important Questions to ask a Removal Company

Before you hire a removal company, you must be certain that they can deliver and provide services precisely based on your needs and requirements.

These are the crucial queries you should put to them:

  1. Are you available on my moving day?
  2. Do you provide insurance? A removal company should be able to cover expenses if something breaks during transit. Furthermore, make sure they are also providing liability insurance.
  3. Do you provide packing materials and supplies?
  4. Do you provide protection supplies such as blankets or covers during transit?
  5. If you are moving across the city, ask them how much time they need to complete the removal. For instance, they may require one day for packing and moving and the second for unloading and unpacking.
  6. Do you need a deposit? – most companies require a deposit, indicating and confirming that you have certainly booked them.

How many quotes should You Get Before Making a Final Decision

How many quotes should You Get Before Making a Final Decision?

  • Before landing on a removal company, get a quote from at least 3 companies.
  • In case your preferred company is unavailable, you will have others to return to.
  • On the other hand, you must feel at ease with the company and will most likely feel the good vibes when meeting them.

Can You Hire a Company on a Shorter Notice?

The simple answer to this question is yes. Although hiring a removal company in advance gives you peace of mind, most companies are available around the clock and assist you right away with your move.